About Us

Cash for Junk Autos is revamping the Junk Vehicle Removal Industry. We are founded on a few simple,
honest principles that drive the way that we conduct our business.

1) Provide an efficient and enjoyable experience for every single customer.

We are a National Corporation and every member of our team knows that our company’s purpose
is to provide a quality service to this Automobile Nation. Too many people have come to think of
vehicle removal as a cumbersome process involving paperwork and long waits. At Cash for Junk Autos
we have reorganized the entire operation into a well-oiled three step process for you. After years of
being frustrated with impersonal removal agencies, we ventured to create our own company that
would remedy these unnecessary complications through an overhaul of the clunky Junk Removal
establishment. We’re excited to help people eliminate clutter and eye-sores from their lives, which is
what helps drive us to be the best, day in and day out.

2) Utilize years of experience in the Junk Vehicle Removal Industry to offer customers the
highest possible cash reward.

Unlike many other removal services, at Cash for Junk Autos we don’t charge the customer anything.
In fact, we pay YOU! From scrapyard owners to professional towers we have every piece of the puzzle
streamlined to offer you the most cash for your junk car. Our extensive network of towing companies
located across the United States allows us to keep business in your local area. Instead of some foreign
company coming from far away to remove your old vehicle, we have created a strong and reliable web
of local towing companies that can respond to your needs with speedy and courteous service. And by
keeping it local we keep our costs down and pass on the rewards to you, through bigger stacks of cash!

3) Collaborate with customers across the nation to recycle old vehicles, in order to keep
America beautiful.

People too often relate Junk Car Removal with dirty scrapyards and rusting vehicles, but at Cash for
Junk Autos we’re revaluating that notion. As a company we are committed to working towards a more
Eco-Friendly Junk Car Recycling process. By offering a large cash incentive we hope to motivate more
Americans to recycle their vehicles with us every year. Instead of letting your old car contaminate the
ground it’s rusting on, give us a call and we’ll recycle that car. Everyone wins! You get rid of unnecessary
clutter, get paid CASH for doing it, and can rest easy knowing that you chose an eco-friendly service to
recycle your vehicle.

Give us a call today and experience the Cash for Junk Autos strategy in action!

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"This last Thursday I called to get a quote on my 1989 Accord. They gave me far more cash than any other place I had researched and they were extremely polite and professional. 5 stars for Junk Cars 4 Cash!" -Jessica from Houston
“When it came time to clean out my garage, I called around looking for who would pay the most for my junk car. Junk Cars 4 Cash was quick, professional and paid me cash. Don't waste your time shopping around, call them now!” -Steve from Florida
"My father recently passed. His car sat in the garage for three decades. It was leaking all kinds of liquids and wouldn't start. I called Junk Cars 4 Cash. They had paid me and picked up the car within six hours. I don't know if this is typical, but it was the perfect solution to my situation." -Alex Austin, TX
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